Getting celebrities to do your work for you!

Alike all opening nights, Legally Blonde’s Melbourne Opening Night was saturated with celebrities on the ‘Pink’ Carpet. But in order not to throw away complimentary tickets, there are a couple of guidelines that you must adhere to when choosing your celebrities.

red-carpetThe advantage of having celebrities at your opening night is that they either are the press, bring the press or create their own press – all of which are invaluable to a new production!

Celebrity #1: Media-creators

As with any opening (show, gallery or letter), the key media creators must be invited so that they go out and create their own buzz around the show. Of course, dependent on the kind of event you are opening, the key media will change. For any show opening, the key media players will be the entertainment editors of newspapers and magazines, radio hosts for Sunday programs and theatre writers from the major theatre websites in Australia.

Celebrity #2: Media-generators

If these media outlets will not come on their own then there is another way to entice them along. Bring the celebrities that they want to interview.

There are certain celebrities who may not write or produce their own content but will encourage the media-creators to turn up if a free ticket isn’t enough of an incentive. These celebrities are the big names who media-creators are often advertising about to sell extra copies of their magazine or increase viewership of their television/radio program. However, the benefit of these big celebrities does not end there. When the media-creators promote the fact that these celebrities attended the opening night or you post photos of them on your social media pages, the show is receiving an extra level of credibility. For example, the fact that Patti Newton attended last night’s performance adds a lot of weight to the show as Patti Newton is rather a big name in the musical world, however she doesn’t have the social media network to promote whether she enjoyed the show. As a result, it is up to the media-creators and yourself to promote this fact.

Celebrity #3: Media-networks

This third section of celebrity is (arguably) the most important when it comes to increasing promotion for your show. Whether they are an established name or the latest contestant kicked off My Kitchen Rules, these people hold quite a bit of influence over their social media followers and don’t require any media-creators or media-generators to promote the show. Due to their influence over social media and their large networks, these celebrities will hopefully post that they enjoyed the show and encourage their followers to go and see it. For example, this morning John Foreman posted how much he enjoyed the show and encouraged all his (over 10,000) followers to snap up a ticket.


Underlying all these different levels of celebrity is one crucial consideration. The Brand Image!

While a celebrity may have great influence over their large network, the final consideration needs to be: Does this celebrity reflect the brand (show) that I am trying to promote? If the answer is no, then they simply don’t get a ticket. If their brand isn’t similar to your show’s brand then their followers won’t be easily transferable across to your show and as a result it isn’t worth giving away the free ticket. For example, a celebrity such as Jason Ackermanis should obviously not be given a ticket despite his large network. This is simply because, even if he enjoyed it, his followers wouldn’t take the chance because it is too far out of his brand image and thus wouldn’t be taken as a credibly reference.

A, B and C-grade probably isn’t the best way to think about celebrities when looking for promotion. Think about what they represent, the characteristics of their demographic and what they can do for you in order to satisfy the three categories above!

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