Thank you, Come Again!

Commercial businesses that rely on repeat business from customers use a wide range of promotions and they all have one goal of getting more of the customer’s money. Theatre has long been seen as an arena where people will only go once before moving onto a new production offering.

That is, until now . . .

Repeat purchase promotions come in a wide variety of forms. Whether it is the ‘Buy 5 and get 1 free’ offer that you see at Muffin Break and Boost Juice or the accumulation of loyalty points which result in a free product like the tokens you collect at arcade games (if they still exist!). Regardless, these strategies are all aimed at rewarding the customer when they spend more of their money on a brand or business by giving them an overall discount.

I’m sure that you are looking at the ‘Buy 5 and get 1 free’ style of promotion and thinking:

Matt, surely you aren’t suggesting that theatres look at
putting this in place. I mean who goes to the same show 5 times.
That’s ludicrous!

I am with you there. This style of promotion would really only work for die-hard fans of a show who would probably see it a sixth time regardless of whether the ticket was free or not. But Legally Blonde, has obviously thought about this concept and come up with a promotion style of their own that encourages repeat business by rewarding the customer.

Today, Marriner Group (the theatre chain that is hosting Legally Blonde) sent out an email to all the people in their database who had already seen Legally Blonde. The email detailed how grateful the cast/dogs were to see you in the audience and that as a result they would like to offer you a special discount when you come and visit again.


And I have a couple of reasons why this strategy is so brilliant as well!

Reason #1: Fear of the Unknown

One of the main deterrents for people to avoid going to the theatre is a fear of the unknown. Because these people have already seen the show, they know that they (hopefully) enjoyed it last time and are more likely to engage with it again the second time.

Reason #2: Targeting your Brand Loyals

What better customers to target than your brand loyals? They already love your product, they promote the experience to their networks and they are probably already looking to see the show another time and this offer could push them over the edge! Plus, by giving them a specific promotion, you make them feel valued and noticed which in turn increases their connection with your brand.

Reason #3:  Price Decrease doesn’t cheapen the Brand

Usually dramatic price drops have the effect of suggesting that the product wasn’t worth what people were originally paying. This can be rather detrimental if you are putting on a production because it suggests that the show is lacking the quality which allows it to charge comparative prices with other Melbourne theatre offerings. In this case, the market already knows the quality of the show through their first experience and as a result the price drop doesn’t cheapen the brand but also makes it more accessible for repeat purchase.

Reason #4: Database Gold

The database of theatre goers is priceless even without this strategy. And the fact that Legally Blonde can specifically target me suggests that they have all our details on file for the next time a similar show comes to town that appeals to the same audience. At which point, I have a feeling that I might be hearing from Marriner Group again.

Listen up theatre companies and follow Legally Blonde’s lead with this fantastic promotion or you may be missing out on a whole market specifically looking for an incentive to visit your show again.

Did I leave out some other reasons that this strategy will work? Did I miss a big negative reason for the strategy? Let me know below in the comments section!