It’s gonna be legend . . . wait for it . . .

With the countdown for the Tony Awards now into single digits (Yes, 9 days left!) I think it is time we start doing some Tony Awards themed articles . And what better place to start than with the host?


If you haven’t seen the multitude of news reports or guessed from the title of this article who the host of the Tony Awards is, then where have you been?

For the fourth time and third consecutive year, the host of the Tony’s will be How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris. And let’s be honest, is there anyone out there who is more suited to presenting awards shows (pun intended). He has a primetime television show, has starred in multiple Broadway shows, taken out lead roles in movies such as The Smurfs. He can sing, dance and act, has an engaging and entertaining stage presence and looks great in a suit. If there were any qualifications for hosting the Tony Awards, I think he has fulfilled them.

Ordinarily, there are many questions you could ask about the Tony Awards host. Should they be on Broadway at the moment? Should they be changed every year? Should the Tony’s and the Olivier’s (the British version of the Tony’s) be rolled into one and give the host more material to play with?

But it is quite clear that the Tony Awards producers know what they are doing and are aiming to use the awards show as an entry point into the world of theatre. And why shouldn’t they? It is a great night to show the best of musicals as each show performs one of their best songs and could hopefully inspire people across America to log on and book tickets to a touring production (more on this tomorrow!).

Regardless, in order to get this wide-spread appeal you have to hire a host who will bring in new audiences to the theatre world which is why Neil Patrick Harris is such a good choice.

As I mentioned before, he has a wide variety of experience across a multitude of platforms and as a result has a large fan base who tend to follow him across different mediums. By making Neil the front man of the Tony’s this fan base will hopefully transfer across to the theatre world and get taken in by one of the shows which would turn them into theatre fans and increase the reach of theatre across America.

Ok, that is the formal marketing reason why they should hire him. Now for my unprofessional reasons:

  1. He’s hilarious: I really don’t need to explain this point!
  2. He pushes boundaries: Remember last year’s America Theatre Wing speech which is not the most exciting highlight of the night? No? That’s probably because Neil Patrick Harris was hanging upside down doing a Spiderman skit to liven up the speech.
  3. Each year he gets invited back he gets closer to holding the record for Most Tony Awards Hosted: That’s right Angela Lansbury, watch your back?
  4. He is a wonderful host: He just got picked up by the Emmy’s for this year’s presentation
  5. Most importantly, he does some killer opening numbers! Check out the video below for last year’s.

Only 9 days to go! Have a favourite Tony’s memory? Post it below.

And for those of you who are still waiting for it . . . dary, Legendary!