You mean you don’t have the win a Tony to get the promotion?

Tony Awards Countdown: 7 days

Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to win a Tony Award to benefit from the association!

Tony Awards Promo

The Tony Awards new advertising campaign features the lead characters from four shows; Cinderella, Matilda, Annie and The Big Knife. While winning a Tony Award is definitely a good way to associate your show with the big awards ceremony, these four shows have managed to reinforce the link and get the Tony Awards to do their promotion for them.

By having the main characters appear in the Tony Awards advertisements, these shows automatically get linked with the Tony Awards brand and also get their seal of approval as they have been chosen for the campaign. As a result, if you were a consumer currently deciding what to see and were going to book your tickets before the Tony Awards happened, I would bet big money that these four shows would be right up at the top of your list.

As if this wasn’t enough, these four shows are receiving this promotion FOR FREE! No money, zero, zip, nada. Talk about a good deal; Tony’s association AND free promotion.

There’s a lesson in this for all of us. Try to align your product as close to an awards ceremony as possible, regardless of the industry, and who knows they may repay the favour by giving you this kind of invaluable free promotion!

Check out the commercial below and give me your opinion.