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Tony Awards Countdown: 6 days

A list of presenters for the 2013 Tony Awards (in addition to host Neil Patrick Harris) have been announced for the broadcast and I’m torn, especially when it comes to whether this is a clever marketing move forward.

Martha Plimpton

The list of 2013 Tony Awards presenters includes a wide range of stars with broad appeal. Ensuring that recent Hollywood to Broadway stage stars get prime position is a clever move, but have they gone too far by getting the likes of Jon Cryer and Martha Plimpton?

Firstly, getting current Hollywood to Broadway stage stars Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson and Cuba Gooding Jr. onto the broadcast is a clever move because it provides incentive for more stars to make the transition, at least for a season. By giving them airtime in addition to the promotion they receive through their shows, not only do they gain more support from the theatre public for the transition, but agents would kill to get that kind of PR for their star clients.

I can even accept Jon Cryer as he is producing the Broadway play Ann which stars his television mother, Holland Taylor.

However, Martha Plimpton also made it onto the list.

Now, don’t get me wrong I think that Martha Plimpton is one of the best people to come to comedy, especially in her latest role as Virginia Chance in the hilarious comedy Raising Hope. And she can certainly hold her own against all those Broadway stars as she has a sizeable history on the stage. But whether she should be presenting at the Tony’s when she hasn’t been on Broadway for a couple of years is questionable but very clever.

Yet another great move by the Tony Awards producers. It is a good way to bring the large television audiences that she has accumulated over the years to the theatre broadcast and then hopefully to the theatre themselves.

The only question is whether these places should be reserved for current stars of the Broadway season. I would say that they generally should, but when you have the opportunity to hire the fabulous Martha Plimpton . . . you hire her (Especially when she performed so well opposite host Neil Patrick Harris in the Lincoln Centre production of Company a couple of years ago)!

All in all, I think the Tony Awards have a clever mix of hosts. If there were too many hosts that weren’t in the current season of shows then the theatre community would get upset with their lack of recognition. If there were too many hosts from only the theatre community then the broadcast wouldn’t have the broad appeal it currently holds and would lose a sizeable chunk of its audience.

Pretty difficult balance, huh? But in my opinion they have done a pretty good job!

What do you think? Who would you like to see present a Tony Award? Let me know in the comments below!