Imma gonna let you finish, but its a great opportunity for a bit of promotion!

Tony Awards Countdown: 3 days

As we move towards the end of the Tony Awards countdown, I think it is time to start looking at what can come from the Tony Awards. As opposed to what has gone into them. So with that in mind, let’s have a look at acceptance speeches!


An acceptance speech done right can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It can be incredibly memorable and stay with the audience for a long time. It can be beautifully written and can touch the audience which will boost the speakers’ credibility and the audiences’ opinion of them. Or, it can be fantastically funny and get picked up by major news outlets which promotes the performer’s brand across the internet.

In terms of the speaker/performer’s brand, the best thing for an acceptance speech is to become news-worthy for major news outlets. This is because from here, the speech manages to spread itself into new audiences outside theatre. Hopefully from there, the speech then encourages people to check out other acceptance speeches in hope that they will be equally as funny or do a bit more research on the performer and maybe, just maybe, go and see their next show!

However, in saying this, these note-worthy acceptance speeches can influence more than just the performer’s personal brand . . .

Check out Sutton Foster’s acceptance speech at the 2011 Tony Awards:

This speech was so moving and hilarious at the same time that it got picked up and promoted through several news networks. Not only did this build Sutton Foster’s brand, it also built the brand of the Tony’s and the brand of her dresser Julien Havard.

The story behind this speech was that Sutton Foster’s dresser was leaving her after 6 shows to pursue his own career as an artist. Due to her disappointment at losing him and her happiness for his bright future, Sutton broke down on stage.

This resulted in a massive spread of Julien Havard’s name throughout the internet and, I would imagine, a number of people looking out for him at Cape Cod. All of which, massively increased his brand!

As a result of this story, I have one piece of advice for the Tony nominees: PLAN YOUR SPEECH. If done correctly it can be a great marketing tool for both you and any other brands you may like to promote (such as your show!). If done poorly, it may get picked up by news networks, but the phrase ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’ does not apply here. That’s right Kanye West – I mean you!

Have you seen any atrocious or astounding acceptance speeches from any major awards shows such as the Tonys, Oscars, Academy Awards etc.? Let us know in the comments below.