Bringing back the old favourites

Tony Awards Countdown: 2 days

Information about more performers has been released for the 2013 Tony Awards and it appears that they heard my concern about the long-running musicals on Broadway which are rarely included in the show!

Broadway long running shows

I did an article about some new awards that could join the current Tony line up, including one for the long-running shows to give them a chance to get some PR! And today I find out that, in addition to the musicals nominated for awards, many of whom are performing one song from their shows, the Tony Awards has announced some new performers to the line-up.

I should get these posts copyrighted!

While I use the word ‘new’, these shows are anything but as they are actually most of the long-running shows on Broadway that are still playing despite not qualifying for this year’s awards as they did not open after June 2012. The shows joining the nominated musicals will be: Chicago, Jersey Boys, Newsies, Once, Mamma Mia!, Rock of Ages, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, The Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera.

Now, I would like an answer to the question ‘Where is Wicked?’, but I will have to wait and see if this was an oversight from the reporter who accidentally left them out or it they were actually snubbed at the expense of other musicals. But moving on . . .

This is a great move by the Tony producers for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it gives the Tony Awards even more viewers. Think about those people who are stuck back in the 80’s with The Phantom of the Opera and are not happy with the current state of Broadway (which I think is AWESOME!). Previously, they would not have tuned into the Tony Awards, but now that their favourite musical is back the Tony Awards get one more viewer.

Secondly, the Tony Awards get more media vehicles promoting their broadcast. Not only does this news encourage another round of Tony-themed articles (Yes, they got me!), but it also means that the established Facebook, Twitter and various other pages will be plugging the Tony’s to all their followers. And probably sharing the video after the event. Double marketing win!

Thirdly, the long-running shows will get a bit more publicity. Have you ever forgotten that a tried and tested product because newer, shinier ones had higher advertising budgets? Same issue here! The long-running shows often get forgotten in the face of the new releases and this is a great way to remind New Yorkers and tourists that they are still playing.

Finally, following on from this last point, the Broadway brand receives some benefit as well. By reminding people about these long-running shows, Broadway can remind people of its influence in the performing arts scene and the contribution it has made through shows like Mamma Mia!, Jersey Boys and Wicked (if it is performing!).

What do you think? Does it sound like a good idea to bring these shows back into the spotlight at the biggest event of the year for musicals and plays? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.