A Whizz-Bang Ending

Tony Awards Countdown: As Annie would say, ‘Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’ll love ya, Tomorrow’

That’s right. The Tony Awards are tomorrow and its time to cap off this journey that we have taken over the last ten days looking at the marketing of the awards show. And what better topic to end with than . . . closing numbers.

63rd+Annual+Tony+Awards+Show+0hBZan5JFKllWhen it comes to closing numbers, it doesn’t matter if you are part of a theatrical brand or a washing powder brand, the audience/consumers’ last impression of the brand influences whether they want to return. And in the case of the Tony Awards, whether they will tune in next year or visit some of the shows they have seen in the last couple of hours.

As a result, the closing number of the Tony’s plays a crucial role in reminding people of all the good experiences they had in the last three hours, whether it was sitting on their couch or in Radio City Music Hall.

In the last two years that Neil Patrick Harris has been hosting the show, the ending has always been a song that contains recaps of award recipients and performances as well as some jokes that occurred during the broadcast. See the video below for last year’s closing number:

While this must take a lot of skill from the writers to write during the course of the show and a very impressive performance from Neil Patrick Harris to memorise the song in an extremely short period before performing it on a national live broadcast, it serves a very important purpose.

By providing a recap of the show’s winners, audiences are reminded of the fantastic shows that won the awards. By referring to some of the performances, audiences are reminded of the shows they enjoyed and might possibly purchase tickets. By recalling the funny jokes or speeches of the night, the audience is reminded of some of the laughs that they had throughout the broadcast.

Think of the slow motion flashback scenes from movies where the titular character remembers all the good times they had together (and usually ends with slow motion running across a field of flowers) to the Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes song ‘Up Where We Belong’.

That is ideally the kind of experience the audience should be having as they reflect on the night!

It also ends the night on an upbeat and impressive note to remind the producers that Neil Patrick Harris should be asked back again for next year’s event.

So, the purpose that it serves. By ending the audience’s Tony Awards experience with this impressive and memorable end, the audience is more likely to actually go and buy tickets to a show whether it is in their local theatre or on Broadway. It is this ending that sends the consumers off into the world with a song in their hearts and Broadway on their mind and hopefully a lot less money in their pockets!

My money is on another impressive performance at the end of the night like the last two years. But we will have to wait and see . . . . .

Let me know your thoughts on what you would like to see capping off the night by leaving a comment below!