‘The Muppets take Manhattan’ movie is coming true!

Apparently running The Lion King and Newsies on Broadway, while developing Aladdin and re-developing The Little Mermaid, isn’t enough for Disney. Renowned Broadway director Alex Timbers has been directing a ‘test run’ for a new Disney musical featuring . . . The Muppets?


Yes, it is true. Coming to a theater near you could be The Muppets: The Musical. Bouncing off the success that was The Muppets Movie, Disney is currently looking into developing a new musical with the timeless story that is The Muppets.

So my question is; when is Disney planning to open its next theme park in New York?

Ok, I am only joking and as far as I am aware, they aren’t actually planning on buying out Broadway to replace it with Disney rollercoasters and attractions, but it sure looks like it is heading that way!

With two musicals currently playing to constantly extended seasons, another two on their way and The Muppets in development, can too many Disney musicals be detrimental to the Disney brand?

Despite the high level of excellence regarding customer service and experience that Disney pride themselves with, opening up show after show on Broadway could hurt Disney’s sales. The issue for Disney comes in the repurchase phase of their consumers’ behaviour.

Whereas previously, consumers who saw The Lion King may be tempted to go back and see it again, now they will be more likely to go and see another Disney show because they expect the same quality across the board. As a result, the amount of sales which account for customers returning to the show will be cannibalized.

The other issue that Disney will face is the high expectation from the consumers after successes like The Lion King, Mary Poppins and Newsies. I have previously discussed the dilemma that Disney faces when they produce a show that doesn’t quite live up to the Disney brand name. It can be seen in their treatment with The Little Mermaid where it was pulled from Broadway and taken back to the workshop for a redesign and another go.

This places a lot of pressure on Disney to produce really high quality shows across the board which is easy when you have all your talented creative people working on one show. But Disney is working on THREE . . . all at the same time!

No doubt, the loss in repeat business will not impact Disney tremendously with shows like Newsies selling to 102% capacity each night. But the pressure to produce shows of such tremendous Disney quality could be very difficult. It will be very interesting to see how Disney handle this careful juggling act in the future!

Hopefully they have their creative team working on more stories because they are slowly running out of movies to adapt for the stage. Let me know what Disney movie you would like to see on Broadway below in the comments.