Bowled over by a ‘flipper’ of a marketing strategy

It seems like every new show is able to find somebody who will say ‘[Enter name of show] is the best musical EVER!’ so that they can quote it for their promotional materials. As a result, we have all started to pay less attention to these quotes. So how do you break through this problem? . . . The Arts Centre and Shane Warne the Musical have found a way!


Despite the huge amount of marketing each of us are exposed to during one day, the most effective form of promotion is recommendations from friends and family and other kinds of word-of-mouth from real (non-marketing) people. The Arts Centre appears to have noticed this phenomenon and has come up with a strategy to use it to their advantage.

Shane Warne the Musical is coming back to Melbourne for two-nights only in an updated, revamped and recast form that includes Warnie’s latest lampoons with fiancée Liz Hurley. It already has a stellar cast, now featuring Christie Whelan (Hurley), Lisa McCune (Simone) and Shane Jacobson (Terry Jenner) alongside Eddie Perfect as Warnie himself. But in an effort to garner more ticket sales and attract a bit of free publicity, they have launched a competition to win two #tweetseats.

Not only does this competition take advantage of social media to spread word about the show, but it also looks to be starting a trend for ordinary audience members to start actively tweeting reviews of shows. And we know that an audience member telling us the show is good is much more effective than the same message coming from the promoter!

I should really explain the competition first, shouldn’t I?

5 double passes are up for offer to the Thursday night performance of Shane Warne the Musical on the proviso that the winners tweet their thoughts about the show before the curtain goes up, during interval and after the curtain drops.

This section of the competition is really using the word-of-mouth and peer recommendations to the Arts Centre’s advantage. As a result, they should see a boost in ticket sales before the second and final show on Friday.

The second part of the competition is the entry. In order to enter, entrants must tweet the following phrase “I’m entering to win two #tweetseats to @artscentremelb’s #ShaneWarneTheMusical“.

Now the hashtag #tweetseats was enough to make me click on the link due to pure curiosity. But what really worked on me was the word ‘win’!

So, not only are the Shane Warne and Arts Centre marketers working at promoting the show, but all of these people who are interested in the show enough to enter a competition for tickets are also doing some of that promotion for them.

I think the technical term for this two-staged marketing strategy is a ‘double-whammy’?

Regardless, a very clever strategy from Shane Warne and The Arts Centre that has already created lots of buzz and will create a lot more over the next week!

(P.S. Feel free to enter the competition yourself. Entries close Sunday 16th at 9:00pm)