Is it just ‘In My Head’ or is Jason Derulo a bit of a marketing genius?

Today’s blog is going to go off in a different direction from my usual topic of theatre because I think there is something that all brands can learn from this stunt. Staying in the entertainment realm, Jason Derulo has just released his new single ‘The Other Side’. But in promoting this single he has used some different tactics. Tactics which could create quite a stir in the music world!


As YouTube has grown exponentially over the last decade, so has the prevalence of work from the next generation of artists. Usually a combination of both covers and original songs, these artists now get a lot more coverage due to their work being shared around the internet.

But that isn’t where their advantage ends!

These new artists slowly build very brand loyal fans. And there are a couple of reasons why:

  • Constant interaction with fans through new uploads every couple of weeks
  • Consumers have a personal interaction with the brand as the new artist communicates directly with their audience
  • Strong presence on social media for promotion
  • Consumers can relate to them because they are just like all of us!

This combination of factors is rarely seen in performers who have achieved international success because they have people who design and monitor their social media output to protect their brand, they lose their relatedness with fans and consumers often only hear from them when they have a new album to sell.

As a result of this set up, the new generation of YouTube artists have very strong and dedicated followings who invest a lot of time and energy supporting these artists and willing for them to get the opportunity to make it to the big time.

These are the sort of fans that every international artist wants!

So what did Jason Derulo do? He gave up some of his time to reach out to these fans.

By appearing in a Tyler Ward cover and a Max Schneider/Keke Palmer/Kurt Hugo Schneider cover of his new single ‘The Other Side’ he has seriously lifted his brand for the followers of these new artists. Why? Because he showed that he valued their contribution to his music and their fans could see that he supported them like the fans do – which is a big ‘thumbs up’ in their eyes!

Plus, the other motivation for Jason Derulo is that these guys really own the internet music arena. Compared to his 582,000 subscribers, Tyler Ward has 1.2 million and Kurt Hugo Schneider has 2.6 million. If nothing else, Derulo’s management would be hoping that some of these loyal followers will grab onto the Jason Derulo brand and follow him back to his channel!

Regardless of the motivations behind this video, it is really exciting to see someone as established as Jason Derulo collaborating with these new artists. As Max Schneider said:
“I think collaboration is so important, and bringing together different audiences to enjoy a single product created by two very different artists is always amazing.” Exactly!

Check out his collaboration with Max Schneider, Keke Palmer and Kurt Hugo Schneider below:

I will be back to theatre tomorrow with some ideas as to how this relates to Broadway and its plethora of stars.