How Jane Lynch lost her Friday afternoons!

Isn’t it nice to get to the end of the week and kick back with a nice bottle of gin like Annie’s Miss Hannigan (who is currently the incomparable Jane Lynch)? Well, with some recent changes to the performance schedule of Annie, ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ isn’t something you will hear coming out of the lips of too many of their cast members!


Last night when Lilla Crawford, Broadway’s favourite red-headed orphan Annie, sang ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya, Tomorrow’ she was not kidding. The producers of Annie have decided to change the performance schedule of the show to include a Friday matinee.

For the lucky cast, this means a performance on Thursday night, double show Friday, double show Saturday and a matinee on Sunday (in addition to their Tuesday night and Wednesday matinee shows). Busy week!

But is it an ingenious move?

I think so.

Currently in New York and across America, all the kids are on their summer holiday which means three months in which parents are desperately searching for entertainment options. And what better way to quell the constant chorus of ‘I’m bored’ than to take them to a Broadway show?

Now, parents aren’t going to be likely to take their kids out at night to see a show because by then they could have already tucked them up in bed and have the night to themselves. But a matinee would be much more appealing because then they get to use up an entire day by travelling to the city, seeing the show and travelling home (while slowing their kids down with programs and interval choc-tops).

As a result, this move by Annie to sacrifice one evening performance for a new matinee does seem pretty ingenious, especially as the target audience is predominantly children and grandparents. It manages to provide more opportunities for young audiences to engage with the product and also one other big benefit: competition.

Do you know how many other shows are playing a Friday matinee performance? 0. It has absolutely no competition at this time.

This means that if you do decide to take your kids or grandkids to a Broadway show and Friday is a rather convenient day, Annie has you cornered as you don’t have a single other option!

I think we can all learn from this clever move by Annie who have actually looked at their target market and found a way to establish a really significant point of difference to their specific target market. Especially in a Broadway season that features so many actors that would be at home in a McDonald’s playground – That’s right Matilda, I mean you!

It will be interesting to see whether this move is successful, and whether Matilda decides to follow suit! Would you go along to a Friday matinee (if you weren’t working or in school)? Let me know a simple yes or no in the comments section below!