Was this Broadway’s first Instagram video?

On Thursday, Facebook announced the launch of its new Instagram video in competition with Twitter’s Vine. And one Broadway show was first off the mark to use the new technology . . . (hint: it was the one set in the middle ages!).

Insta Facebook

The irony of Pippin launching the first Instagram video for Broadway is almost too much to bear as the show is well and truly set before the time of mobile phones. However, it is nice to see these shows attempting to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Check out the video here.

The video lasted only 15 seconds and showed a quick glimpse backstage behind the set. It would have been nice to see some of the rehearsals or performances and this probably would have garnered the video more viewers, but it appears that was not necessary.

Yesterday on Facebook, I got about 4 different Broadway-themed news sites promoting the video on my feed. This morning, I found out that BroadwayWorld had written an article about Pippin using Instagram video first. And as of today, the video has received over 500 favourites on Instagram!

It appears that the first use of this new technological development need not be remarkable, it just needed to be claimed by one show in order to get some new publicity!

So what do we take from this? You don’t always have to be remarkable, sometimes you just have to be first. And good on Pippin for taking a risk and going out into unchartered territory with the first Instagram video, it definitely paid off for you!

Although in my opinion: Be first, but also be remarkable. Yes it is important to reach these new markets first, but it is also important to get those markets to talk about what you are doing, not just see it. That is how your product will spread widely.

Instagram video no doubt has a bright future as it is backed by one of the most influential companies around. It will be interesting to see how Broadway takes advantage of this new service in the future. Surely there is lots of potential for competitions, snippets of new shows and a new, quicker style of audience review!