The grass is always greener . . .

There is an innate human need to want something that you can’t have – and clever marketers should be able to use this. Whether it is a mansion, a Mercedes-Benz or simply a song that isn’t available on the Australian iTunes, we have all been there. Well Twisted Broadway is solving this problem one show tune at a time!


For those of you unfamiliar with the idea behind Australia’s Twisted Broadway, the concept stemmed from the popular annual Broadway performance Broadway Backwards. This show gave professional musical theatre performers the opportunity to perform a song that they would never otherwise get the opportunity to sing – because it was written for the opposite sex.

I don’t know about you, but I know that when it comes to choosing my favourite songs from musicals most of them are sung by women. And the same goes for some of my female friends who prefer songs from musicals sung by men. (Same probably goes for you whether you admit it or not!)

This year is not short on talent either with members from the casts of Wicked, Legally Blonde, Jersey Boys and many more!

The Broadway version sprung from Equity, the American live theatre union, as a venture to raise money for AIDS research which has been a constant focus ever since Equity discovered the toll AIDS was having on the musical theatre industry. The Australian Twisted Broadway is no different. The point of this performance is to raise research and development money to benefit people living with AIDS through the organisation OzShowbiz Cares/Equity fights AIDS.

But back to some marketing . . .

Within the field of marketing there is a subsection called ‘social marketing’. And while many people see it as a way for the wide discipline of marketing to make up for the deceptive ‘car salesman’ tactics that certain marketers use, it is a very powerful force.

Social Marketing is used to change behaviours for societal good and can be seen in campaigns from Quit to stop smoking, the Cancer Council to get people to put on sunscreen and Oxfam to get people to donate money. But there are a lot of organisations that aim for social change that don’t believe in using marketing as they perceive it to be the height of commercial deception – or something along those lines!

So my question is this: If you aren’t using marketing, how are you going to be heard over all the other organisations with different causes? Because marketing does more than just yell your message at passers-by. It aims to find the people who will be touched by your cause and ensure that they hear your message which means greater effectiveness and awareness.

And it is heart-warming to see that Twisted Broadway knows what they are doing when it comes to social marketing for a couple of reasons:

  1. The target demographic which resonates with AIDS research has been skilfully chosen as the theatre community
  2. AIDS research has become synonymous with both Twisted Broadway and Broadway Backwards
  3. Their social message is promoted throughout all their marketing material

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . All those who engage with the cause come away with something that is more  meaningful than a novelty pen or a badge, they get a night of performances by some of Australia’s most talented musical theatre actors and actresses!

So good on you Twisted Broadway for some very clever social marketing!

134066693096_TwistedBroadwayFor more information and to book tickets to the performance THIS COMING MONDAY visit