Jumping on the popular bandwaggon!

They say that copying is the highest form of flattery, but it appears to be an effective way to gain success . . .


Sometimes we forget that professional performers are just as dorky as us. And then one of these videos surfaces on YouTube:

West Side Story‘s cover of ‘Call Me Maybe’:

Mary Poppin‘s cover of ‘Proud Mary’:

But they also have an ulterior motive. By covering a rather popular song like ‘Call Me Maybe’ or ‘Proud Mary’ (they had just performed it on Glee, so it was back in the minds of tweens everywhere!), not only are these videos likely to pop up in unrelated searches to the show, but they are also likely to reach out to a new audience. Something rather advantageous, especially in a touring production.

And judging by the view counts, over 20,000 for each video, they are rather successful at reaching a large audience! One that could fill a theatre 10 times over if they all bought a ticket.

So maybe copying is more than just the highest form of flattery . . . ?