Having friends (and sponsors) in high places

I was just wandering through the city this morning and stumbled upon my favourite kind of promotion: A Raffle Draw! Is there anything more exciting than waiting around for your name to be called in a raffle? Well, King Kong has picked up on this and they have been very clever with their latest competition.

Kong Car

Currently occupying the beautiful Regent Theatre’s entrance is a rather large, bright white Honda Civic. Now, cars are not my specialty, but you would be hard pressed to miss this King Kong-sized raffle prize regardless of whether you had any interest in cars at all!

Just the unexpectedness of seeing a car in the Regent Theatre entrance made me stop and enter the competition. But the genius does not stop there . . .

For those of you who aren’t native to Melbourne or have been living under a rock, this weekend is Melbourne Open House. Several historic, contemporary or interesting buildings open their doors for two days and welcome visitors from the public to check out some interesting architecture or simply see what only the wealthy and elite see for the other 363 days of the year.

Since this opportunity only comes around once in a year, the city is usually buzzing on this weekend. And it is full of people looking for their next building to explore, wandering from one building to the next or trying to kill time before their next tour. So what better way to distract them than with the opportunity to enter a raffle and win a car?

Although, despite a car sitting in the foyer, the prize of this raffle does not involve a car. In fact, the closest thing you get to a car is airport transfers.

The prize features: 2 Business Class flights to New York with limousine transfers; 7 nights at the famous Standard Hotel; a VIP Empire State Building experience including a helicopter ride around Manhattan; 2 tickets to a Broadway show; dinner at Jean-Georges – one of NY’s finest restaurants; and $2,000 spending money.

This is a fantastic prize, but surely you are left with the question ‘Why is there a car in the entrance?’

Two reasons.

Firstly, Honda is the principle partner of King Kong and appears to be providing this enormous prize. So putting a car in the entrance is a good way to expose people to the Honda brand. But there is a second reason . . .

Think of the display you would erect to signify a trip to New York. It would most likely feature the New York skyline, a couple of photos of the hotel and restaurant and some Broadway theatres thrown in for good measure. Now, think of the Regent Theatre entrance. When there isn’t a show going on it is a bit dark, it is off to the side of the pavement and doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Hence the reason why the display wasn’t purely New York themed.

Nothing catches your eye like something that is out of place, whether it is a misspelt word in a sign or a giant gorilla’s hand out the side of the Eureka Tower. And a bright white (not a coincidence despite their large colour palette) car does exactly that. It draws your attention into the theatre and the competition even if you are pre-occupied with trying to find the next building on your tour of the city!

So, if you are in the city, drop by the Regent Theatre and check out this clever marketing.

I have entered the competition so my fingers are crossed, but those of you who aren’t heading into the city can also enter online: http://honda.com.au/kingkong