Why didn’t we think of that before?

Occasionally someone does something really clever and it suddenly clicks ‘Why didn’t we think of that before?’. This is one of those moments, brought to you by the grooving guys and dolls at Grease: The Musical.

greased lightnin

Wikipedia has a rather distinctive language across each of the different pages. Mostly due to the fact that the site is a collaborative effort, the paragraphs often feature information in an awkward order or sections that are missing important details. So when something is really well written, it stands out.

I was just brushing up my knowledge on Grease: The Musical today and upon stumbling upon the 2013/14 Australian Production section I noticed something that every single musical ever produced from now into the future should do:


I apologise for my prominent use of bold and large font, but I need to get my point across as it is rather surprising that this has never happened before!

Here is the Australian segment of the Wikipedia page:


Notice how it contains all the right information? Casting, touring locations, information about limited season runs. See how it highlights the important brands of the Gordon Frost Organisation and the main cast? Pick up the little bits of interesting information that theatre geeks (like myself, who are probably reading this page) will love?

And most importantly, check out the last sentence.

Full details and information can be found at http://www.greaseistheword.com.au

GENIUS! And so simple!

So why should every show get their PR people onto Wikipedia? Because these people are experts at writing copy that attracts media and consumers. In that single paragraph, I have received more information about the show than I could get in an entire article, retained it all because it is so short and concise and if I have any queries I know exactly where to go!

It isn’t a secret that we all do most of our research on Wikipedia. So if you are currently running a musical, get your PR people onto this. Not only does it give your potential audience members everything they need to know, but it also sends them straight through to the website so that they can buy tickets. Something that I haven’t seen anywhere else!

Take your cue from Grease: the Musical so your show can be greased lightnin’ as well!