One of these things is not like the other . . .

Remember that song from your childhood? Well, I’m pretty sure it was written by a marketer or at least it is a pretty good motto when it comes to marketing.


Marketing is all about making your product stand out. And what better way to do that than with this thing called cognitive dissonance?

I’m sure you have all experienced cognitive dissonance before. It is that phenomena where you are drawn to something because it looks out of place. It is used all the time in advertising because it captures your attention as opposed to normal adverts which blend into their surrounds.

Well, the publicity team behind Smurfs 2 have called on this principle to promote their new movie.

The movie takes place in Rome, and what better way to grab consumers’ attention than to create this cognitive dissonance in the lives of everyday Italian locals.

How did they do it?

Compared to the traditional and historical appearance of Rome, especially against all the Tuscan-style colours, there is one colour that stands out particularly well . . . Blue! And by pure coincidence, what colour are Smurfs? That’s right, also blue!

So in order to grab the attention of Italian locals who have probably walked past these monuments so many times that they no longer notice them, why not place 4,000 Smurf figurines in front of them?

They definitely are noticeable, they provide a talking point among friends and co-workers and they encourage people to pay attention because they have come across something that is new and strange. And when we see something that is new and strange, we dedicate more processing time to the phenomena which is exactly what the publicists for Smurfs 2 want you to do!

Check out some more photos from the stunt below:


What do you think? Would you notice 4,000 Smurfs outside a timeless piece of European architecture?