Finding some ‘Simple Joys’ at Bloomingdale’s

The Nanny’s Fran Fine was always desperate to get into Bloomingdale’s and snap up the latest fashions before everyone else. Well, if only she had known about the latest new trend to hit the display windows at the front of the store, then she may have hit up the costume department at Pippin.


To launch the ‘Back to School’ season in America, Pippin has teamed up with American designer department store Bloomingdale’s for a special event.

On Thursday 8th August, Bloomingdale’s will unveil special Pippin-themed windows displays featuring costumes from the show. In addition to the window displays, cast members will be performing numbers from the show and there will be special circus-inspired activities for the whole family including face painting, juggling and contests (which will probably have a couple of Pippin tickets at the end!).

However the extravaganza doesn’t end there!

Any customers who spend over $350 in the women’s fashion department will also receive a voucher for two adult tickets to the Broadway show (while stocks last).

Are alarm bells going off in your head? Are you wondering why the free tickets would come from purchases in the women’s fashion department while the event is clearly geared at children?

So was I. Then I thought about how that family trip to the Pippin-inspired Bloomingdale’s might pan out.

Mum and children meet up with Dad after a long day of work at Bloomingdale’s with the express intention to satisfy the children’s back to fashionable school clothing needs. Mum sees the promotional offer for tickets if she can buy a $350 dress. Dad is told to take the children to the kids department while Mum goes to find a guilt-free dress knowing that she was probably going to spend $350 on tickets to Pippin anyway.

And that is the point when the Bloomingdale’s execs start rolling in cash (after they have been interrupted from bathing in cash that is!).

Not only are these families going to be shopping at Bloomingdale’s for their kids’ needs, but they have just found a reason why they should also start shopping for themselves! The entertaining cast of Pippin at the front door is also a good incentive to cross many items off their shopping lists as shopping with children can often be difficult at the best of times. So circus performers could only make more entertaining.

Plus, Pippin is getting quite a bit of promotion both at this event and as long as those costumes stay in the window to all the customers who are shopping at Bloomingdale’s (who clearly have enough disposable income to make them an attractive market for theatre)!

That is until parents try to take their kids away from the acrobats . . . “Clean up of tears in aisle 4”