Back to the Future

The more television I watch, the more I begin to notice a rather interesting trend. One that could easily manifest itself on Broadway.

downton abbey

Society has always had a fascination with the past and this is something that those high-powered television executives have noticed . . . and are using to their advantage.

Enter Downton Abbey.

It is considered one of the most popular shows on television over the last couple of years and emphasises this new fascination with the past through period dramas. In fact it is so powerful that television executives all over the place are now clogging their schedules with them.

Mr Selfridge, The Paradise, even an American adaptation of Downton Abbey is coming soon to a television screen near you. And if the television executives have noticed this trend, it is about time that the theatre industry did the same thing!

Why not consider the classic musicals of the past? Is it possibly time for a revival of Singin’ in the Rain, Oliver or Carousel? Time to bring My Fair Lady or The King and I back to Broadway?

Why not? They seem to satisfy audience’s desires for reminiscing about societies past. And similar shows like South Pacific have had great success in the last couple of years.

But that isn’t to exclude new musicals. Look at the original musical, from a number of years ago, Bonnie & Clyde. Okay, it wasn’t that successful, but maybe it was just a case of the wrong timing.

Anyway, it is worth a thought as to how Broadway can reflect these themes that television audiences desperately want to see. We may even be able to pull some people away from their small television screens for long enough to come and see the same stories played out live on a stage (with more appealing music!).

Worth a thought.

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