Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No . . it’s a great marketing idea!

I cannot say that I ever thought I would be inspired by a flying sandwich when it came to marketing in the theatre. But then, life is full of surprises . . .


Today I stumbled across this fantastic new idea that could revolutionise the sandwich industry. Okay, maybe not, but it definitely adds a new layer of fun when ordering a sandwich.

A couple of guys who live in an apartment on Flinders Lane have found a market for late night jaffles (toasted sandwiches) between 10pm and Midnight on a Friday night . . . but with a twist. When you pay for your sandwich via PayPal you are given a delivery time. At this time you need to go and stand on a big red X underneath their apartment and your sandwich (which is wrapped up in foil and attached to a parachute) floats down to you on the street. You can read the whole article here or watch the video below.

The sandwiches are priced roughly the same as any similar offerings from cafés or fast food restaurants, but there is a reason why you would engage with this group rather than the local McDonalds:

Because the packaging is a lot more fun!

It might be great to pick up a delicious sandwich from McDonalds or a café, but getting to chase that sandwich down Flinders Lane in the middle of the night as a gust of wind blows it away adds an extra bit of fun to the consumer experience of engaging with your product.

So how can this be used in the entertainment industry?

Could an indie band attach parachutes to their new album and do the same thing, giving consumers a time to come and pick up their album? Could you pre-pay for souvenirs from a musical and half an hour before the show they launch them from the top of the theatre? Maybe create a big jukebox full of souvenirs for Rock of Ages or get consumers to go up to Miss Trunchbull at the Matilda souvenir desk to politely ask for a souvenir as one of the school children would have to?

Whatever wacky idea you come up with, it provides consumers with an experience they will remember. Something that will hopefully bring them back again so that they can play the game and have a good memory when they eat that sandwich or listen to that cast recording.

So have a think about the packaging of your products. Is there any way that you can make the experience into a memorable game for consumers? Something that they will recall every time they use that product and bring your brand back to front and centre in their minds!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas. If I don’t get back to you quickly it is because I am currently chasing a flying sandwich down Flinders Street!