The show isn’t over when the curtain drops

That famous saying ‘The show isn’t over until the fat lady sings’ is incorrect. In reality, the show is over when your audience walk out the door.

blue man group

The last bit of interaction with the audience after the curtain falls is the most important. Why? Because after the show when they evaluate whether they enjoyed the performance, that interaction is the most recent experience they have. And as a result, the most memorable.

Whether it is a disgruntled usher trying to hurry everyone out so they can go home or a badly designed theatre where patrons are left waiting just to exit out the severe lack of doors, it can ruin the experience.

On the other hand, when performers go the extra mile it can have the audience leaving on such a positive note that they hop on the phone and talk all their friends into coming back with them to see it again. And that is what the Blue Man Group is doing!

After the show, the members of the Blue Man Group come out into the foyer of their performance venue for a meet and greet. Not only does this provide all the audience members with the same high that stage door junkies, like myself, leave with. It also means that the audience are left with a really memorable moment just as they are leaving the theatre – as opposed to that awkward 10 or 15 minutes where you slowly shuffle out the doors with 2,000 other people.

And knowing the Blue Man Group, chances are they will have something special waiting for you as you emerge from the theatre. Something particularly memorable to finish the night with and leave you with the thought ‘Wasn’t that the best night of entertainment!’.

So remember, the entertainment experience doesn’t finish until those theatre doors close and everybody has left the building. And rather than leave people with the memory of shuffling out of the theatre, leave them with something they desperately have to talk about on the train ride home!