Have you ever wanted to declare your own public holiday?

We are coming to the end of a rather momentous week on Broadway. That’s right, ‘Once Week’ ends on Friday. But wait, hold on . . . who declared that it was ‘Once Week’ and where is ‘Wicked Week’?

Once Week

The answer: The clever team behind Once. And why not declare a week in celebration of yourself?

Beginning on Tuesday 20 August and ending tomorrow, Once Week truly is a week in celebration of Once. Each night of the week Once has given out 20 free lottery tickets to fans who come to the theatre two and a half hours before each show and place their name in a barrel. In addition, there are also a stack of free events and competitions (with prizes) being held throughout the week.

  • T-shirt Tuesday: 50 free t-shirts to be won
  • Trivia Wednesday: Win exclusive Once merchandise by showing off your Once knowledge
  • Meet-the-cast Thursday: Pretty self explanatory
  • Grand Prize Friday: The opportunity to win two tickets to the show, exclusive merchandise and a backstage meet-and-greet with the cast!

Plus a large range of online competitions on their Twitter page . . .

But why declare your own week?

Well, it is along the same line as Wicked day (except seven times as long). It is a designated time of the year when the show gives back to its community of fans; the people who have supported the show, encouraged their friends to see it and have possibly been to the stage door so many times they are now in double digits!

And giving back to fans is great because it continues and increases their loyalty while encouraging them to continue spreading the message of why everyone should see the show. All of which means increased runs and larger audiences, which are pretty necessary for anyone in the theatre.

But there is another reason behind such a declaration . . .

Getting ahead of the competition!

I have a feeling that whoever came up with the idea for Once Week had a rather long-term plan in mind. At the moment, Once appears to have a very bright future ahead. Still selling to 90% capacity after over a year of performances and still bringing in big stars to play the lead two roles.

Every year when we get to the second last week in August, I have a feeling we will hear about Once Week: A week of prizes, competitions and free tickets. And each year, chances are, it will get bigger. So unfortunately for every other show on Broadway, during this week in August, all the media lights will focus on Once who are doing something different than their normal 8-shows-a-week run.

It is only a matter of time until we have 52 shows on Broadway and 52 especially dedicated weeks. However, I do feel sorry for that 53rd show . . . maybe someone else will be generous and give them a day!

So congratulations Once. Having your very own week is a great idea and I look forward to seeing what you can do with it during this time next year!