Happy Birthday to . . . . Sandy?

Birthdays are possibly the most important day of the year. So why not get your consumers to celebrate it with you and make your show part of a day they will remember for a long time?

Photo Credit: Jeff Busby (Edited by me!)

Photo Credit: Jeff Busby (Edited by me!)

Grease hasn’t even properly opened yet (Tomorrow Night!) and they are already running some pretty cool marketing!

Birthdays are inherently pretty memorable because for one day everybody you know pays a lot of attention to you and showers you with gifts and overly large slices of cake. But why not mix up those giddy feelings of being the centre of attention with your musical?

A couple of days ago, Grease announced an exciting new promotion. If you are seeing Grease within a week of your birthday, you can sign up to get a free ‘Handjive’ badge and a signed photograph of the cast . . . Pretty cool!

But not only pretty cool. Incredibly clever.

By making your audience feel noticed at the theatre, in amongst 2,000 other people, they are going to be in such a positive state when they see the show. And those positive feelings are going to make their experience much better than the average theatre-goer.

And you know what that leads to . . . repeat business and telling/showing off the special merchandise to all of their friends which encourages other people to book tickets. But not just book any ticket. Potential consumers are now more likely to purchase tickets for their own birthday or the special day of a loved one.

I know that I certainly checked out the week of my birthday to see if I could make a special trip up to Sydney! The jury’s still out on that decision, but I will now be pushing to fly up and see the show in Sydney, and chances are that I will see it again when it eventually comes to me in Melbourne.

The other clever thing about targeting birthday is that they are not seasonal. Birthdays happen every day so the incentive to engage in this promotion (and hence demand for the signed pictures) should stay fairly constant throughout the year!

Very clever strategy Grease!