I Can Hear the Bells

Yesterday, I talked about the clever idea from Grease that involved linking their show with your birthday – a rather memorable day of the year. But Broadway’s Cinderella has taken it to a whole new level using possibly the second most memorable day of your entire life.

Onstage proposal Cinderella

Yes, the proposal.

The story of Cinderella is rather like a modern day television sitcom romance. Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl spend some lovely time together. Boy and girl break up. Boy has a ‘foot fetish’ and checks out the feet of all the other girls in the kingdom. And eventually the boy suggests lifelong commitment by placing a perfectly fitting shoe on the girl’s foot.

Isn’t your life like that? Okay, maybe not the foot fetish bit . . .

Nevertheless, the moment that Prince Charming places the shoe back on Cinderella’s foot is rather reminiscent of a proposal (especially as they end up getting married straight after it). And keeping with the theme of proposals, the intelligent team at Cinderella has come up with a very clever way of creating your own fairy-tale ending.

The advertisement starts with ‘For no cost’, which suggests that it is aimed at those who plan to recreate Cinderella’s elaborate wedding at great expense in the following couple of months.

Anyway, Cinderella allows audience members to pop the question to their Princess or Prince Charming in front of the entire audience at that night’s performance. (Plus the option of a memorable post-show celebration with friends, family and members of the cast).

What better way to cement Cinderella into your relationship than have it as the setting for your partner’s proposal? Can’t you just see the future return visits?

One-year anniversary, Two-year anniversary, Three-year anniversary, Four-year anniversary . . .

Thanks Cinderella for this incredibly clever idea and best of luck to all the lucky couples who plan on proposing at the show!