The Royal Treatment

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have returned to the newspaper headlines simply due to polite manners. So why don’t we copy that in the theatre? It may not get headlines, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt the number of people who return to see the show again!

Kate, Wills & George

For those of you who haven’t turned on a radio or read the news today, Kate and Wills have become the hot topic of the day with the decision to send out a signed ‘Thank you’ card and picture of the happy family to every person who sent in a trinket for the baby and provided a return address.

Yes, the signature is probably digitally printed onto the letter and Kate and Wills probably didn’t stuff each of the letters themselves. But it doesn’t matter. The simple act of thanking everybody who took the time to send well wishes upon the arrival of Baby George is powerful enough.

By taking the time to thank these supporters, the royal family has made them feel noticed. Made them feel like their contribution was important and not just one of the millions of stuffed koalas that the royal family undoubtedly received. And as a result, I would bet a large sum of money that every person who received that letter in the Australian mail today will never be in favour of an Australian attempt to become a republic.

The simple fact of noticing someone’s contribution builds their loyalty – especially when it is on such a grand scale.

So why don’t we think about including this in the theatre?

Well I think it is about time we did!

Ticketmaster, Ticketek, Arts Centre Melbourne and all the other big ticket booking agencies collect a lot of information at the time of ticket purchasing. Name, phone number, credit card information, and most importantly (although I think these agents might say the credit card is more important!) email addresses and postal addresses.

Why not, the day after each performance, send out a card to everyone who booked a ticket to the show? Just something simple (and themed to the show they saw) that says ‘Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the show’. In fact, it could even be used to offer a discount on a repeat purchase or suggest some other similar offerings they might like to consider.

And if it is too expensive to send out a little printed card to all the bookers, move with the times and send an e-card. That would literally be as simple as hitting SEND every day to the online catalogue of email addresses from the previous performance. There really isn’t any excuse.

So make your mother proud and put those good manners to work!

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