Getting the little goblins out of the house!

Any television sitcom that contained children has done an episode on the joys of sending children back to school after the holidays. And if it is relevant to a show on Broadway, why shouldn’t they get some of that action too?


The Broadway company of Matilda have found a rather serendipitous time of the year to shine light on some new characters for their publicity material.

Yes, that’s right. It is the pair of loving, caring and nurturing parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood. Okay that loving, caring and nurturing bit is a lie, but they have managed to turn a time honoured tradition of preparing your kids for school on its head to reveal the scheming and self-centred nature of these leads.

Check out the first in a series of new videos below while I wait for the introduction of an annual Back to School sale for parents – Come on Matilda, it is too good an opportunity to miss!