Knitting yourself an audience!

I was reading the Australian Financial Review (AFR) yesterday – for the first time ever – and I never thought I would come across an article about musical theatre.

lucy knitting 2

Okay, you caught me. I was reading the AFR’s September Financial Review Magazine which appears to be their one outlet for interesting and thought-provoking articles on popular culture. And after reading through 73 pages of interesting articles looking at promotion in the fashion world (and numerous high-end fashion advertisements), I was struck by an article on the very last page featuring none-other than Australian musical theatre star – Lucy Durack!

The article mentioned her big hits Legally Blonde: The Musical and Wicked as well as a plug for her upcoming productions of Private Lives and the return of Wicked. But believe it or not, they weren’t the focus of this article. And you won’t believe what it was.

The topic for this specific article was . . . knitting scarves.

As interesting as knitting is, it doesn’t really compare to her Helpmann-award-winning performance in Legally Blonde or her time spent as Glinda the Good in the original Australian tour of Wicked. But there is a reason why Lucy’s affinity with knitting is possibly her most powerful asset (next to her on-stage abilities).

In press, as in life, there really isn’t much demand for one-trick ponies. Without her interesting story surrounding knitting, Lucy Durack would not have been featured in this Financial Review Magazine. And if she isn’t in the magazine, then there is a whole demographic of people who read the lift-out who wouldn’t know that she is part of Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Private Lives and the return tour of Wicked.

(Personally I think it is a shame that the Financial Review Magazine didn’t decide to put its fashion issue earlier in the year when Legally Blonde was still running. I can see a plethora of stories that could have been printed in this magazine surrounding Lucy Durack, Preppy Style and the Fashion Queen – Elle Woods. But that is really beside the point.)

What matters is that Lucy Durack had a story outside singing, dancing and acting that could pitch her brand to a different market as well as spiking interest from press outlets that wouldn’t usually print stories about musical theatre. And no doubt this will be reflected in MTC’s Private Lives and Wicked ticket sales!

So there you have it, how knitting can fill a theatre and why I now have a desire to wear scarves even though Winter ends tomorrow!