Removing the behind from behind-the-scenes

As in the movie, King Kong has broken out of the theatre. Not literally, there isn’t a big monkey roaming the streets of Melbourne, but a new King Kong display can now be seen at Melbourne Central.

king kong movie

A number of boards featuring costume sketches and photos of the actual costumes have been erected at Melbourne Central on scaffolding-like structures that are slightly reminiscent of the King Kong stage.

This is a great idea for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, placed amongst some rather high-end designer shops at Melbourne Central, the display is reaching the right kind of people with the disposable income to spend on a ticket to the show. It is also a display about fashion, albeit on the stage, which is what most of the people wandering through Melbourne Central are interested in. Unless, of course, you are going to see a movie at Hoyts Cinemas – but even then you probably have an interest in King Kong.

Secondly, it gives consumers that little taste of behind-the-scenes action. Except this time it can be opened up to a huge audience because they don’t have to employ ushers to take tour groups backstage and make sure they don’t pinch any of the props! This is especially powerful in creating a connection with potential audience members.

My only comment is relating to the lack of brochures.

Now, I am a big brochure person. I think they are great. It is a tangible product that potential audience members pick up with very little thought and also acts as a great reminder later about the exhibition that they saw which should inspire them to buy tickets. But, unfortunately there weren’t any brochures around to be picked up.

However, in saying that, everybody has iPhones nowadays. Chances are most interested consumers would snap a picture of the purchasing information or just go and buy their tickets straight away. But I still don’t think a couple of brochure piles would be a bad addition to the great display!

Check out some of the pictures below and make sure you check out the exhibition – it closes in a couple of weeks.