What politicians can learn from the theatre!

If you live in Australia, then there is no doubt that you are sick and tired of all the 2013 election campaigning. And, as always, there is a lesson that these politicians can learn from the theatre.

change the world

This current election has very little focus on people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Actually, that may not be true. There may not be many (or any) policies that have been targeted at our demographic in order to win us over to one of the political parties. The political leaders feel that if they just express these policies – that have very little relevance to us – via a channel where we communicate, we will automatically be won over.

The #AskTony Twitter Campaign. The pictures of Kevin Rudd cutting himself shaving. Tony Abbott’s deplorable ‘Vote for me, I’m the one with the hot daughters’ appearance on Big Brother last night. Etc. Etc. Etc.


And here is where the theatre comes in:

If you want to win over younger demographics then you need to have a classy vision.

Look at the musical RENT. It is about a group of young bohemians in 90’s New York who want to do something remarkable and change the world. Yes, they have a bit of fun and do some salacious and ridiculous things along the way. But their overall goal is to get together with like-minded people and make a difference.

And this show has resonated with thousands of people from the same demographic these politicians want on their side!

While the scenery might have changed into a technology-infused, connected world, the overall goal of people in this demographic is exactly the same – To change the world. And unfortunately hot daughters and shaving mistakes don’t really fit into this vision.

We will quite happily look at funny photos about our friends or even follow a celebrity because they occasionally send out some hilarious one-liners or interact with fans through Twitter questions. But politicians are forgetting something. We admire these people for the changes they are making to the world – even if it is just changing the musical landscape or just making the world a funnier place.

It is quite clear that these politicians are pandering for our vote as opposed to actually creating a brand which wants to make a change in the world.

So a message to leaders of the two major parties in the 2013 Australian Election:

If you want our votes, take a leaf from the book of RENT. Have a bit of fun along the way and send through the occasional ‘shareable’ picture, but at least have the decency to work out how you are going to change the world today. And then tell us through these social mediums!

As RENT inspired this post, the best way to end it is with this quote from the musical that still rings true today and would be a winning slogan for any political party. Maybe when I run for government in 2016?

“There’s only us
There’s only this
Forget regret
Or life is your to miss
No other road
No other way

No day but today . . .”