Bringing revamped old tricks to a new audience

Tap dancing has long been in the domain of musical theatre standards Singin’ in the Rain and Hot Shoe Shuffle as well as the classic dance routines of Fred Astaire. But who says it has to stay in the past? And that is what Bang! Crash! Tap! is here to do.

Raw_Bang! Crash! Tap (3) LR

Across all the different performance art forms, there is a tendency to play it safe and stick with performing material that has worked in the past. Well, with today’s access to technology, that attitude is no longer successful because we can all log onto the internet and see the last time they performed that show, symphony or comedy act. And even more than that, we can see the best people in the world perform that material.

In order to create exciting new shows that audiences rave about, you can stick with the tried and true art forms . . . but you need to modernise them. Give them a twist that hasn’t been done before or bring them in line with today’s popular trends so that they appeal to an audience who wasn’t previously interested.

And this is exactly what Bang! Crash! Tap! are doing.

Primarily a tap dancing show, it is unlike anything you would have ever seen performed by the feet of Fred Astaire or the cast of Hot Shoe Shuffle. Check out this summary from their press release:

“Bang! Crash! Tap! is a mash-up of tap dance with other genres including hip-hop and acrobatics with an urban style underscore throughout. Along with athletic, inventive and charismatic dancers, the show includes live music from funk to techno to Latin accented by the sounds of Beatboxing from one of the world’s best up and coming Beatbox musicians.”

See what they have done? They took a pretty extraordinary skill that previously only impressed grandmothers while they sat in their chairs and remembered the days of Fred Astaire and framed it in a contemporary cutting edge show that now appeals to a whole new demographic. One that would have dismissed tap dancing as ‘old hat’ before they saw how it can be merged with beatboxing and hip-hop music.

While it might not be the end for old tricks like tap dancing, this is the way forward – Reinventing the art form so that it appeals to new audiences and continues to be appreciated.

Arts Centre Melbourne presents Raw Dance Company’s
Bang! Crash! Tap!
Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio
7:30pm Wednesday 11 – Saturday 14 September
2pm Saturday 14 September
Tickets from $25.00