You’re the one that I want!

Annie did it. So did Mary Poppins. Now, it’s Grease’s turn to get a whole new bunch of customers!

Miss Lynch (Val Lehman) Photo Credit: Jeff Busby

Miss Lynch (Val Lehman)
Photo Credit: Jeff Busby

What would you rather spend? $1.69 or $150.

Maybe you have VERY deep pockets and would easily pay $150 without batting an eye lid. Or maybe you, like most consumers, want to be convinced that the $150 experience is going to be worth it. Well, that is where Grease’s latest merchandise addition comes in . . . An Australian Cast Recording!

There are many components of a show that can decrease the risk for the potential consumer and leave them 100% sure that they will enjoy a musical – at which point they buy a ticket. These can be talented and famous casts, a well-known show or reviews from family and friends.

Or it can be a cast recording.

Why? You ask. (Well, you probably didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway!)

The cast recording gives potential customers the option of ‘trying out’ the show. They may love Grease the movie and be unsure about going to see the show. Well, for the price of $1.69 they can download one track or for $16.99 they can download the whole album and give it a go.

If they enjoy it, then the risk factor has dramatically decreased. If they don’t enjoy it, then they have only risked $1.69 – a gamble most people with an iTunes account are willing to take.

Even if there are people out there unwilling to gamble the $1.69, the minute and a half previews from each song are probably enough to sway them to either get a ticket or at least give them the confidence to gamble the money for one song. And from there, who knows where they will stop?

But let’s face it. With the fabulously talented cast and the well-known music, why wouldn’t anyone enjoy the cast recording? (I’ve heard it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Check it out on iTunes).

Plus, despite the advantages in encouraging people to come to the show, it provides the consumer with something tangible to remember the show. The limited runs across Australia mean that most people will only see it once, and it is always good to have something for those hard core fans to reminisce with.

And it may mean that they come to the next John Frost produced show. The next show starring Rob Mills, Gretel Scarlett or one of the other very talented lead performers. Or even make them more likely to buy a ticket the next time Grease decides to grace out shores.

Check it out on iTunes now!

You too can sing loudly along with it in your car while your window is down and accidentally get caught by two tradies in a van who wind their window down to ask for directions!