Extra, Extra . . . Newsies seized the week!

What better way get new fans and reward your current fans than declare a whole week in celebration of yourself? Well, last week was Newsies-week on Broadway and it seems to have worked.

Newsies Fan Week

Getting dedicated fans can be difficult on Broadway as the entertainment market is so competitive just within a handful of blocks. So you have to do whatever you can to stand out – even if that means declaring a week in celebration of yourself.

Last week was fan week at Newsies and to celebrate their fans, every day of the week signalled the release of a new video, experience, merchandise offer or re-imagined favourite. And here’s what was on offer:

September 15: Fan Week T-shirt – Click to Purchase! 
Exclusive for Fan Week, a new T-shirt is available to purchase for one week only, online and at the Nederlander Theatre. Get yours while supplies last. 

September 16: “King of New York” Lyric Video – Click to Watch! 
A brand new lyric video featuring the true heroes of NEWSIES: the Fansies! 

September 17: Trading Card Tuesday – Click to View! 
The all new 2013 Trading Cards come to life on Tumblr. 

September 18: “Meet the Oldsies” – Click to Watch! 
The Oldsies steal the spotlight in a very special episode of “Meet the NEWSIES.” 

September 19: NEWSIES Photo Booth App Update – Click to Download! 
Fresh faces and new characters arrive on the iPhone NEWSIES Photo Booth App. 

September 20: “Watch What Happens” Lip Sync – Click to Watch! 
A hilarious new take on your favourite Katherine Plumber song. 

September 21: NEWSIES Live Chat – Click to Watch! 
The return of the NEWSIES Live Chat! Watch cast members Corey Cott, Kara Lindsay, Adam Kaplan and John Michael Fiumara answer fan questions.

Which one was my favourite?

Day 2 – The ‘King of New York’ lyric video.  Check it out below and then I’ll tell you why . .

Lyric videos are immensely popular nowadays to extend the popularity of a song. When the song is first released, the lyric video quickly follows to give internet surfers an official, high-quality version of the new song to watch. It also means that the record company can hold back the official music video until the song starts to die down and then release it two weeks later so that it comes back to the front of people’s minds again. Clever, huh?

Well, not only does this video put the song back in the front of theatre fans’ minds, but it is also a product that is guaranteed to get shared. Because the lyrics were made out of photos sent in by fans, not only will every fan who submitted a picture be watching the video, but those whose picture was selected will be plugging it to all their friends, family and extended network.

Clever, Newsies.