The Art of Romance

They say that food is the way to a man’s heart. Well, when it comes to a theatre group-bookers’ heart it appears that all it takes is some free champagne, free merchandise and a peak behind the curtain.

Rocky Horror Show Bag

Rocky Horror Show Bag


Haul videos have been quite a big thing on YouTube for a long time and they consist of someone sharing the strange, wacky or interesting things that they just bought. While this may not seem that interesting, you would be surprised at some of the things people buy. Anyway, that is off point.

What I meant to say is, while I have never had the urge to do a haul video before, after going to the Rocky Horror Show groups launch last night I have a newfound desire to make one – or at least my blogging version of one!

So here we go.

Every group booker who attended last night’s launch was offered free bubbly; given a sneak peak of Craig McLachlan singing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and the cast performing the ‘Time Warp’; and provided with a show bag.

Now, I am a veteran at the Royal Melbourne Show, and I was still impressed with this bag. The show bag provided:

  • A handful of brochures
  • A bottle of ‘Acqua Panna’ water (not just any old Mount Franklin bottle)
  • A special 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Poster
  • A red feather boa; and
  • A copy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD

This whole process would not be cheap. Paying the cast, providing the free bubbly and nibbles, hiring the Comedy Theatre and tech guys, creating the showbags. So why do it?

Well, everyone who was invited last night was a group booker. That’s right, it means a lot of theatre business comes through them – they are like the gate keepers for community groups, group tours and hoards of theatre fans. So if you are going to put on a show you definitely want them on side. And that requires a bit of romance . . . or as close as Rocky Horror can get to romance!

And it worked!

I didn’t hear a single person leave the theatre last night who was feeling melancholy. Everybody couldn’t stop talking about the performances, how easily Craig McLachlan slipped into the character of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and how awesome the cast looked. But most importantly, majority of the people there were also discussing how cheap the group booking tickets were – and I can guarantee you they were still talking about them today.

And rightly so. The prices were cheap, the cast looks amazing, and the performances were fantastic! But, if you want to get in on this action for the next show that comes to town, then you are going to have to do some group booking!

I know I have talked about Rocky Horror quite a lot recently. But I still have one more thing to cover in tomorrow’s article, inspired by some very wise words from theatre impresario John Frost. Stay tuned to find out!