Covering is the Highest Form of Flattery

How do you find out about new music? If it is an artist you love then you are probably receiving updates on Facebook or Twitter. But what about the music you stumble upon from an artist you didn’t know about?


While you can’t forget the existing fans of a musical, play, artist or other performer, it is important to keep growing your brand – and there is a very clever method that Hunter Hayes has employed to promote his latest single.

If you have spent any time on YouTube then you are probably subscribed to at least one YouTube artist who frequently uploads covers of popular songs. Whether it is Sam Tsui, Tyler Ward, Lindsay Stirling, The Piano Guys, Kina Grannis, Pentatonix or one of the many other talented performers out there, they all play a rather important role in introducing their fans to new music.

Chances are that you stumbled upon them because they made an awesome rendition of a favourite song, but overtime they cover songs that you may not have heard before. I experienced this the other week when I heard a Pentatonix cover of Lorde’s Royals – it wasn’t a song that previously appealed to me, nor had I really taken the time to listen to it, but when Pentatonix covered it I actually listened to the whole song and then went and checked out the original.

Well, American country singer (and multi-instrumentalist) Hunter Hayes has seen the advantages provided by these popular cover artists and has taken advantage of them in the video clip of his latest single ‘Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me’. Check out the video below.

Teaming up with 9 YouTube artists and legendary YouTube producer Kurt Hugo Schneider, Hunter Hayes filmed a mash-up of his song with covers made by each of these performers.

In order to make this mash-up possible, each of the artists involved filmed and recorded their own cover version of the song which was posted on their individual channels and also linked viewers through to the version you can see above, in addition to appearing in that video. See what has happened?

Hunter Hayes’ song ‘Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me’ has now been covered by many big YouTube tastemakers such as Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis as well as some other developing artists which spreads his song throughout the YouTube cover community. The idea behind this collection of videos will be to have viewers do exactly the same actions with Hunter Hayes that I did with Lorde when I heard Pentatonix’s cover of Royals, building awareness and new followers for Hunter Hayes (and vice-versa with the individual YouTubers).

I have crunched some figures from YouTube and only including the mash-up and the cover versions, this song has been viewed in excess of 800,000 times in a matter of days. Add to this the 775,000 times the illegal uploading of the recording has been viewed on YouTube and you start to get some pretty incredible numbers.

Ultimately the aim of using YouTube as a songwriter is to spread the word about your new songs and that aim is transferrable through all different art forms be they concerts, recordings, musicals or plays. And if you are going to do that successfully on YouTube, you don’t get your song reviewed, you get it covered like Hunter Hayes.

Because you know what they say . . . Copying is the highest form of flattery (and it doesn’t hurt for awareness either)!