Don’t Forget Me!

Have you ever paid $120 for a ticket to the theatre and then completely forgotten about it until you find the ticket the day after the event? The answer is probably no. When you are spending that much money, chances are that you will write it in your calendar – But a little reminder never hurts!


This weekend I am seeing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Grease in Sydney and about a week out from each of these shows I received an email from Ticketmaster kindly reminding me that I had booked tickets. It wasn’t really required, but I can see the value of this service for the one time that I forget that I have booked tickets.

However, when it came to my Grease tickets I received a second email.

This email wasn’t from Ticketmaster but rather from the General Manager of the Lyric Theatre, where Grease is currently playing, personally welcoming me to the venue. Okay, maybe personal is the wrong word because I don’t think I am the only person who received this email. But nonetheless, it was very nice to receive this signed email from a person rather than a website.

The email was a fantastic exercise in marketing providing me with information about the wide range of dining options, the theatre bars and the beautiful view from the theatre. But it offered more than a pure push of the services provided at the venue and provided two important things that made me actually think twice about how I was going to engage with the venue.

  1. 1.       Discounts

I am sure that I’m not the only person who has come home after shopping with a shirt, a DVD or a jumbo packet of biscuits purely because they were on special. Everybody loves a discount.

This email presented me with several discounts for parking and dining at the venue. I am staying in the city and won’t have a car, so the parking discount probably isn’t of much use to me. But for some reason I still got this feeling of ‘They care about me’ – just from the offering of slightly cheaper car parking. The dining options, however, were a different case. Seeing the savings that I would be receiving at the surrounding restaurants automatically made me think through my itinerary for the day and see if I could fit in a meal at Star City.

Discounts really are a powerful thing!

  1. 2.       More information

Throughout the email were referrals to the Sydney Lyric Theatre website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and LinkedIn page. Even a personal suggestion in the General Manager’s message that directed me towards the website’s Contact Us page if I have any further questions regarding the show or venue.

I don’t have any questions, but it is still reassuring to know that the staff of Sydney Lyric are standing by to answer any query that I may have. Something which severely decreases any risk I could have about engaging with the service – and could lead to ticket purchases for future shows when I have a wonderful experience at the venue. (I have been there before and their staff are fantastic!)

It doesn’t take much to make your customers feel right at home before they arrive at your venue and it already puts me in a positive mindset before I set foot in the Sydney Lyric – a quality which will lead to a much more positive evaluation of their services. And you know what that means? I am more likely to return!