Releasing Your Inner Journalist

For younger generations, television news is largely obsolete. We still have a thirst for news. But the issue with television news is that the news bulletins don’t cater for our ‘Need it now’ mentality – although Channel 10 may be changing this.


Despite some clever programming of hit shows such as Modern Family and Elementary, Channel 10 often finishes behind Channel 7 and Channel 9 in the ratings war. But all is not lost for Channel 10!

A rebranding of their news programs to Ten Eyewitness News has allowed them an opportunity to increase their relevance to the tech-focussed generation. Ten Eyewitness News may have been the moniker for their news services in 1994 but the return of this name has also heralded a new approach – one that is much more relevant to the name. Yes, they are actually taking advantage of eyewitnesses.

Have you been at a news-worthy event in the last two years? If the answer to that question is yes, have you noticed what all eyewitnesses do? They pull out their smart phones and start recording some exciting content to post on Twitter or Facebook.

Well this new app allows users to upload their news-worthy videos and photos with the promise that they may be used on the Channel 10 news bulletins.

Sounds like a pretty good incentive for younger generations to tune into the news. Especially if there is a chance you may see some of your own content and get to brag to all of your friends that you are now a ‘true’ journalist!

It also allows Channel 10 to keep on the forefront of news when they may not have a journalist at the scene – something which would allow them to get a step ahead of the other competitors and fight its way ahead of Channel 9 or Channel 7 in the ratings.

So not only the possibility of a ratings boost ahead of its competitors but encouraging a wider demographic to tune into your news service. Sounds pretty good to me because nothing gets an audience’s attention better than the possibility of seeing themselves on television!

But for the theatre . . .

Find a way to incorporate your audience in the production. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve getting them onto the stage, but it could involve allowing them to see their influence on the show. Take Broadway’s Drood for example. Audience members got to vote on who the murder was – the ultimate ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book – and as a result they get to see their influence on the show itself. This makes them pay better attention and ultimately get involved in the show.

And you know what that means . . . Better reviews because they feel they could see their influence on the musical!