The Royal Seal of Approval

You know what they say, ‘Two heads are better than one’. But does the same ring true for brands? War Horse is showing that it does indeed!


War Horse is arguably one of the most popular plays in today’s market. It has had sell out seasons in Broadway, Canada, Australia, across the US and UK and has just opened in Berlin. It is also currently half way through its fifth year on the West End.  Apparently Melbourne isn’t the only city that goes nuts for horses!

No matter how well a play is written or performed, this kind of success doesn’t come easily. Especially when it has been running on the West End for five consecutive years. By this point the play is no longer news for regular theatre-goers in that district and chances are if they are going to see it, then they already have!

At this point any show faces two options. One, can it survive purely on the tourism market? Or two, can it attract new people to see the show?

Well, War Horse is still selling phenomenally well into its fifth. And guess which option they chose? That’s right . . . number two. And the best way to attract these new people is to bring the show to their attention and prove that they will enjoy it through a lucrative brand partnership.

Provided that the two brands have audiences with similar traits, brand partnerships can be ridiculously effective. And when it comes to British locals with a love for history and horses there is really only one choice of brand to ensure people keep coming through the door . . . The Royals!

Which brings me to War Horse’s latest brand partnership.

HRH Queen Elizabeth recently received a backstage tour of the National Theatre as it approaches its 50th Birthday. And at the conclusion of the tour as she approached her adoring public and photojournalists Joey, the lead horse in War Horse, was waiting for her. This means that when all the news outlets across the world broadcast the Queen’s special backstage tour they all featured some lovely footage as she interacted with Joey.

As the Queen also loves her horses, her reception of Joey is more than amicable as she is wowed by the life-like puppetry. And for a woman who doesn’t convey elation very often, this is an incredibly powerful endorsement for the show that was broadcast for free on all news outlets across Britain! You can check out the full story here.

The Royal endorsement is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and this should keep the National Theatre production in business for quite a while as many Royal fans now queue up across Britain for tickets to see this highly-acclaimed show.

queen war horse