Strictly Ballroom’s ‘Scott Hastings’ Announced

The lead for the new Australian musical, Strictly Ballroom, was announced in spectacular fashion last night. Not by a press release, not in the newspaper . . . but by Helen Kapalos and the Today Tonight team!

Thomas-head-shot-by-Baz-Luhrmann_300KB_logoTaking a bold move and stepping outside the norm, the Strictly Ballroom team announced that Thomas Lacey will be playing lead character ‘Scott Hastings’ on last night’s broadcast of Today Tonight.

As opposed to newspapers and Facebook feeds where these announcements are usually made, television is a rather clever medium due to our consumption behaviour. While the existing channels may be effective for interested consumers they often fail to communicate the message widely and create interest in new consumers.


Well, in order to actually see the casting announcement on Facebook the consumer must have ‘liked’ the page which means that they are already interested. And when it comes to newspapers we can be incredibly selective about the articles that we read; whether it has an interesting title, whether it has an appealing picture and how long it is all come into play in addition to where it is placed in the paper.

But television is different.

While we often channel surf, a show like Today Tonight manages to decrease these tendencies through their opening summary of stories. Unlike a newspaper or your Facebook feed where you can skip directly to the stories that capture your interest, if you are interested in one of the segments on a news broadcast you have to watch it right through until that story comes up. If you channel surf . . . well, you just increase your odds of missing it!

So with all these attentive viewers, why not make a big announcement during one of the show’s segments. Even if it isn’t the story that captured their attention, they will most likely be sitting there waiting for their story. And who knows? They may find out that they are actually interested after all.

Especially when the casting announcement appeals to people outside the theatrical community. Thomas Lacey is best known for his role on ABC’s teen drama Dance Academy. And chances are this association will initiate a whole new generation of potential audience members into the theatre.

A story that resonates with established theatre audiences and stars to get new audiences through the door. Sounds pretty good to me!

For more information about the new production and to book tickets for the Sydney season, head to the website: