Two’s Company, Three Hundred’s a Crowd

Crowd scenes are rarely very convincing on a stage due to the limited number of actors available in the cast. But Rocky the Musical is changing this AND finding a way to increase audience involvement at the same time.


Broadway’s unlikely visitor, Rocky, is going to be up for a tough battle when it opens early next year. It is up against some huge contenders such as Once, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, Kinky Boots, Pippin and many more box office hits. So to make a significant dent in the market, Rocky is going to have to pull out something special.

And they already have!

There is an inherent issue with crowds in musicals. It is too costly to hire enough people to make a significant crowd on stage but scenes that are dependent on a big crowd can be ruined if the audience doesn’t feel the huge adrenaline rush.

Unfortunately for Rocky, crowds are integral for the big fight in the Boxing Ring. The audience has to feel the excitement from the crowd and the scene relies on the recreation of thousands of frenzied fans stuffed in an arena watching a fight. But they have found a way around this (without hiring hundreds of actors).

A new level of ticket has been introduced. Golden Circle Seats. Approximately 20 minutes before the conclusion of the show, 90 people in the front of the theatre will be ushered onto bleacher-like seats on stage to watch the climactic fight scene.

Not only does this solve the problems with a crowd but it involves 90 audience members in the show providing them with an incredibly memorable experience. An experience which they will then go around and share with their friends and family. And if the production is able to recreate the atmosphere of a Boxing Ring with their audience, the usual group-mentality feelings of a Boxing Ring will hopefully kick in and the adrenalin will surge creating an incredibly exciting experience for the audience – even if they are not on the stage. Plus, the musical will have done it’s job and recreated the famous scene live in front of the audience.

When the audience has such a great experience, that means the production will get lots of positive word-of-mouth. And nothing sells tickets better than personal recommendations!

Congratulations Rocky and hopefully this great idea will lead to huge ticket sales.