Understanding your audience with Jeremy Hansen

Jeremy Hansen
Glowbored is a rather recent addition to the entertainment marketing and PR scene in Brisbane, headed up by enterprising entrepreneur Jeremy Hansen. But there is a catch, he is only 17 and his own company has already worked on the national tour of Miranda Sings among other productions.

He has also been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Anthill’s 30under30 and been recognised by Virgin Australia as one of the ‘Top People’ for 2013. Pretty impressive!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to Jeremy to find out what makes him so successful in an incredibly competitive industry.

Matt Bell: Congratulations on a pretty impressive year. You’ve done PR for the Australian tour of Miranda Sings, been named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Anthill’s 30under30 and recognised by Virgin Australia as one of their ‘Top People’ for 2013.

Jeremy Hansen: It’s been a crazy year. But lots of fun!

M: What have been some of the highlights so far?

J: Definitely the Miranda Sings tour. That was a lot of fun because it was so different from what I’m used to marketing big musicals. It was really cool to market a YouTube personality. She’s got such a strong audience and following of her own and it was good to do something so out-there.

M: How long have you been running Glowbored? And what was the catalyst behind starting your own company?

J: It has been about two years now and started as a YouTube channel where I would post videos for the shows. From there it evolved into its current form from other opportunities. I had worked closely with other publicists and I thought ‘I can do this and I want to do this’ so I turned Glowbored around into what it is today. And it has taken off and worked really well.

M: Over this time what is the most important thing you have learnt?

J: I have been on both sides, [working with publicists and doing publicity] and it is very different. I mean, everyone talks about how important it is for journalists to be nice to publicists but I honestly think it is the other way around. I think it is really important for a publicist to be able to make those connections and then keep those connections with the media.

M: What about when it comes to publicising a show? What things are essential to creating a successful publicity campaign?

J: It definitely comes down to knowing the audience. Knowing the audiences that are coming to the show because that ultimately influences the marketing to know who they are and what they are after. You can’t assume that one audience from a show that you have worked on is going to be the same as another show.

And I think really knowing what your show captures and how the show makes the audience feel. Because you want to capture a piece of that when you go to market it or advertise it. You really want to know what the audience is looking for.

M: Let’s just deviate for a moment. If you could do any publicity stunt for any show, what would that stunt be?

J: I must say I loved the King Kong stunt in Melbourne. When they had Kong’s arm hanging off the Eureka Tower I thought that was brilliant. I would do something like that, in fact I hope to be able to do something as big and crazy as that someday.

But I’d love to work on Wicked. That was one of the first shows I ever saw and I would love to have the opportunity to work on that one day. The way it makes people feel is something unlike anything else that has ever been done.  

M: So what have you got coming up next year at Glowbored?

J: We are partnering with the Green Room Project which is currently Gold Coast-based and will be moving across to Brisbane and Melbourne next year. The events are held on the first Monday of each month where five up-and-coming theatre performers are picked and they get to do a workshop with a mentor. Over the last year we have had Marina Pryor and some of the Legally Blonde guys come in to work with the performers. Then that night they perform a little ten-minute cabaret piece that they have received guidance on throughout the workshop earlier in the day with the theatre legend.  

It has been really successful on the Gold Coast so hopefully Melbourne and Brisbane take it in as well as the Gold Coast has.

Jeremy is definitely someone to keep an eye on. If he has already accomplished this much by 17, who knows what to expect in his future especially with such an impressive focus on the motivations behind audience decisions to see shows.

To find out more information about Jeremy Hansen and Glowbored visit their website: http://www.glowbored.com/