Of Mice and Marketing

When it comes to any kind of marketing, analysing your competition is a must. To work what you must do to stand out from the crowd you need to know exactly what your competitors are doing – And that is exactly what the producers for the Of Mice and Men revival are doing!

crowded broadway

Each season on Broadway seems to be more competitive than the last. And this season is no different. The big blockbuster shows are still running – Wicked, Phantom, Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots, Pippin and Matilda. There are a number of highly recommended new shows opening in the next couple of months – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Les Miserables, The Bridges of Madison County and Disney’s Aladdin. And, as always, there are a number of big celebrity driven vehicles which are sure to succeed – Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Denzel Washington in A Raison in the Sun, Orlando Bloom in Romeo and Juliet and Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez in First Date.

So it is probably not the time to open a play like Of Mice and Men which brings back traumatic memories for many people due to its popularity as a high school English text. Or is it?

The producers for this upcoming production have clearly been analysing their competition and have made a number of strategic casting decisions which will most likely make this revival a commercial success.

The three leading cast members have recently been announced and they are; Chris O’Dowd, James Franco and Leighton Meester. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to see this production? In fact, is there any target market who would not be attracted to seeing a production featuring these actors?

Leighton Meester is still riding the high from her popular American series Gossip Girl – under 30 women, check.

James Franco has become an ever popular actor in the current film market featuring in so many movies over the last decade, such as Spiderman, Milk and 127 Hours, that there is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to his Filmography – under 30 men and women, check.

Then there is Chris O’Dowd who has long been a favourite in the comedy scene from his popular sitcom The IT Crowd but has reached prominence again through global hit The Sapphires – everyone else who loves television and movies, check!

And for all the other theatre purists there is the incentive to see the renowned play Of Mice and Men.

Sound like a good idea? It will be able to stand out against the already congested current Broadway season and will receive plenty of free publicity. So it certainly sounds like a good idea to me!