Keeping shows relevant for ‘Tomorrow’

Annie is arguably one of the most iconic musicals. Even if you haven’t seen it you will be familiar with ‘Tomorrow’. But there is a reason for this success . . . remakes!


Annie has had an extensive history. It started out as a cartoon strip and has since been made into multiple movies, various versions of the famous musical and also inspired many other television shows. It has even been made into a Bollywood film!

This constant regeneration is the reason behind the story’s popularity. By doing something modern with the timeless story every few years, it is able to relate to a whole new generation of children (and adults) ready to relive Annie’s search for a family. And each time it gets more difficult as there is increasing competition within the entertainment market and the potential audience grows more diverse.

Enter the latest adaptation . . .

Starring Cameron Diaz as the evil Miss Hannigan and Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks (the reincarnation of Oliver Warbucks), this remake takes the story of Annie into a modern setting with new music by Jay Z and adaptations of classics like ‘Tomorrow’ featuring the entire cast in a parade.

Some may call it sacrilege. But in the face of more recent children’s entertainment and modern music preferences, this remake could breathe new life into the Annie franchise and keep the story relevant to a new generation of children (albeit in its new form).

A clip from the filming of ‘Tomorrow’ has been released across the internet in the last couple of days featuring the entire cast dancing in a parade to the group reinterpretation of the classic song. It shows that the movie has certainly taken a good look at their new demographic and found some deficiencies in the current Annie story which can easily be modified to appeal to a much wider and more modern audience. Check it out below: