Introducing the Revolutionaries

The Australian production of Les Misérables has recently started to release a number of videos introducing the new cast as they are preparing to bring this monumental musical to life. An interesting marketing idea that could make a world of difference when it comes to purchasing risk.


If you have ever been to the theatre then you are probably familiar with the musical Les Misérables. So it has a rather wide appeal across the theatre-going audience wherever a production is mounted. Basically people will buy tickets whenever they are being sold!

But the production in Melbourne will face one problem. Most of this audience won’t have heard of the main cast before. And while this is a great opportunity for some incredibly talented actors to get front and centre (and trust me, they deserve it!), it can create audience trepidation when handing over such an important musical.

Well, the team behind this new Melbourne production have come up with a solution to this potential problem. Introducing the audience to these new cast members through a series of videos.

Check out this video introducing Kerrie Anne Greenwood who will be playing Éponine.

By providing the audience with an opportunity to have faith in the actors who will be taking them on their musical journey, all of a sudden the risk in purchasing a ticket has disappeared (or at least lessened). Audiences no longer need to worry that they have never heard of the actor anymore – and if they need further proof their performance from the launch has also kindly been uploaded as well!

This is especially important as there will be a lot of new first-time theatre-goers interested in this production after the ALL STAR movie released last year. By reassuring them that this cast will be as good – if not better – than their famous counterparts, it will be easier for potential audience members to justify the high price of tickets.

But the advantages don’t stop there . . .

These videos have given the production another opportunity to decrease some of the risk involved in visiting the theatre for the first time. Those ‘Will I enjoy the performance?’ questions are pretty quickly resolved through this Éponine video alone. By emphasising the ease in relating with the character and providing the audience with some comfort in the fact that they will at least empathise with her storyline, more risk disappears as new theatre-goers are no longer worried about being out of their depth.

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the videos in the series!