Collaborative Learning

Unfortunately the entertainment market is incredibly overcrowded. This means that even if you have the best, highest-quality product, the people who will get excited about it may not even hear of it. But all is not lost. Clare Bowditch has the solution with her newest initiative Big Hearted Business.


The motivation behind Big Hearted Business is straightforward: Teach creative people about business and business people about creativity, in a way that makes sense. Through ‘inspiration bombs’ and annual conferences, the aim of this organisation is to provide talented and creative people with the skills to build strong and successful businesses. A skill which is increasingly important in today’s entertainment market.

There are many talented and creative people out there who are struggling to get heard over all the noise from big corporations. Especially in the entertainment industry!

Just think about an independent singer/songwriter for a moment. They are not only competing for their audience’s attention against international superstars but also against other local entertainment offerings such as the movies, museums and even the footy. And all these competitors dedicate a lot of time to creating noise and PR around their products.

In order to successfully compete in the same market as these other products, it is important for these creative people to have an understanding of the tactics that these organisations are using. Because even through the application of a simple customer-orientation, these talented and creative people can stand out from the crowd.

But that is only half of the reason why this organisation is so innovative, clever and just plain awesome.

The best part of this organisation’s mission is that the skill transfer goes both ways. It is not purely an opportunity from creative types to learn from business experts. It is also an opportunity for business people to learn from clever artistic people.

And this is important because while these two industries can often be seen as polar opposites, they are actually facing the same problems. Where the artistic people can adopt business practices to stand out against their competition, business people and organisations are currently competing in markets where everyone else is using the same business tactics. If they really want to stand out they need to develop their creativity – and that is where the successful creative people come in.

This other skills transfer focusses on encouraging business leaders to become more comfortable with their creative abilities. And also harness them in an effective way so they can be used to thrive in the modern business environment.

Just like the business skills help creative people stand out, creative skills help business people stand out. And that is what makes this program so remarkable and successful. It isn’t just one industry preaching to another industry. These two industries are coming together to learn from each other in ways that will revolutionise their current undertakings.

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