Adding a Face to Christmas

It is that time of year again. And while Santa and his elves are busy preparing themselves for the Christmas Eve rush, the team at Vision Australia, MYER and Channel 9 are busy preparing for their own Christmas Eve tradition – Carols by Candlelight!


Every year, this Melbourne tradition encourages a huge host of stars to give up their time and perform on the stage of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. This year is no different with a line-up featuring stars from The Voice, Les Misérables leads Simon Gleeson and Patrice Tipoki, and the usual collection of Carols favourites; Christie Whelan, Silvie Paladino, Denis Walter, David Hobson, Marina Prior, Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea.

But there is one star that shines brighter than those on the stage. This year’s Face of Carols, Jake Wood. And the Face of Carols plays one of the most important parts in Carols by Candlelight.

The Face of Carols - Jake Wood

The Face of Carols – Jake Wood

If there is one time in the year when you hear the most about charities – it is most certainly Christmas. There are collectors on most corners, lots of great initiatives that we can engage in while we are shopping and many special fundraising events. But as presents get more expensive and people start to feel less generous as they spend their 400th hour in a department store looking for that perfect gift, consumer fatigue can start to set in.

So something needs to be done to snap them out of it – and that is where the Face of Carols comes in!

Each year, the Face of Carols is a young child who has benefited from the donations given to Vision Australia. And this year is no exception. Jake Wood was diagnosed with Nystagmus when he was two months old. While the diagnosis was the biggest shock of his parents’ lives, Vision Australia’s Child Services have used the donations to help him adjust to a life with low vision.

“Thanks to Vision Australia, Jake now has the same opportunities as other children and we, as parents, are better educated on how to go about getting the best help and resources for Jake in the important years ahead.” – Amy, Jake’s Mum.

Through hearing Jake’s story and the way Vision Australia have put their donations to use, possible donators can develop an appreciation for their role and ultimately a better understanding of what happens with the money. And this creates an exchange.

The donation isn’t purely giving away a certain amount of money. Donators receive the moving story of Jake Wood as an intangible gift (in place of the physical gift that we so often exchange money for at this time of the year). And if there is something to receive from the donation – whether it is tangible or intangible – there is a greater confidence in donating. Especially when there is the intangible gift of helping more people in the same situation as Jake!

To find out more about Jake’s story or to learn more about the upcoming Carols by Candlelight, visit the Vision Australia website: