The Ultimate ‘Try Before You Buy’ Experience

Looking back at a year of exciting marketing ideas, Virgin has (yet again) found another way to stand out of the pack with this innovative ‘try before you buy’ campaign to encourage more consumers to fly Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic Stunt

In the middle of the year, Virgin’s Richard Branson commandeered a bench in Manhattan to show unsuspecting passers-by what it was like to fly with Virgin Atlantic. Any passers-by who decided to sit on the signature red bench were greeted by flight attendants, offered high class meals and even various entertainment options with a real life twist. A real life twist that involved their entertainment choice coming to life before their eyes!

You can check out the video here.

While the main motivation behind his stunt was probably to go viral on the internet, it represents the importance of allowing your potential customers to have a ‘no risk’ opportunity to try out the service before investing a significant amount of money.

It is exactly the same in the theatre. Patrons who have never been to the theatre will identify with the big risk of laying out $120+ for a seat to a show that they are unsure if they will enjoy. So why not give them the same option to try the service before they buy?

Even if they are not the person sitting in the seat, potential flyers still get a glimpse into the service ideals through watching the video. So what is stopping us putting a theatre chair in the middle of a city and giving a couple of lucky customers a preview of what it is like in the theatre?

It may not have the reach to get every person who hasn’t been to the theatre into the chair, but it would certainly be share-able across the internet!