‘Old-School’ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Love Actually is probably the most popular Christmas film produced in the last decade with mass appeal across so many different consumer groups. Well, AC/DC’s latest unofficial Christmas publicity stunt is bringing back memories of the movie!


Anyone familiar with the movie will know that one of the many story-lines is that of a rocker from yesteryear trying to dominate the highly competitive Christmas charts with a new Christmas offering.

(If you still haven’t seen this movie yet and are hoping to get it for Christmas – do not read on!)

After making a rather outlandish promises and releasing a video that would have made the pre-Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus blush, he eventually secures the number one spot.

Well, a recent campaign on Facebook was trying to do the same thing for legendary rock group AC/DC. Sick of X Factor winners securing the No. 1 spot on the charts over Christmas, this group try to engender a massive social media push to get old classics to the top place. You can read the whole story here.

In 2009, they successfully managed to get a Rage Against The Machine song to the top place. But this year they were going for something a little older – The AC/DC classic ‘Highway To Hell’ – with the noble mission of gaining the highest place for any AC/DC song in the UK charts and celebrating the band’s 40th anniversary.

Unfortunately this group was not able to push sales of ‘Highway To Hell’ into the No. 1 place, however they still managed to get the single to No. 4. And considering the competition from X Factor winner Samantha Bailey, Robbie Williams, U2 and Lilly Allen – 4th is a pretty impressive effort.

While this campaign may be a bit of fun for members of the British public looking for a noble cause to invest $2.19 in, it shows the power of social media in connecting and inspiring people. If all this can happen around a comedic campaign trying to secure a number one hit that is not sung by an X Factor winner . . . imagine what could be done for a real campaign if they can connect as many people around another passionate issue!

And for all those looking for an extra bit of Christmas cheer, why not relive memories of the Love Actually Christmas favourite ‘Christmas Is All Around’