Be Our Guest

David Harris won’t be the only Beast in the latest fundraising performance of Beauty and the Beast. The audience will be surrounded by them as they are regaled with the Disney classic at Melbourne Zoo raising money for both the Zoo and the Rob Guest Endowment.


Just like a marriage, the key to a good fundraising event is give and take. In order for audiences to happily give money they need to be able to take an experience away with them. That way there is a sense of exchange that audiences would quite happily pay for – and Melbourne Zoo in partnership with ANZ certainly know how to give their audiences the best experience for their money!

On January 26 and 27, ANZ is presenting Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in the picturesque setting of Melbourne Zoo with a host of musical theatre greats. The performance features David Harris (Legally Blonde) and Patrice Tipoki (Les Misérables) in the title roles of Beast and Beauty accompanied by theatre greats Nancy Hayes (Annie), Anne Wood (Mamma MiaDirty Rotten Scoundrels), Rob Mills (Wicked, Legally Blonde, Grease), Glenn Hill (Legally Blonde, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), Adrian Li Donni (The King and I) and John Wood (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, TV: Blue Heelers).

The money raised from the two performances will go towards Melbourne Zoo’s new Predator Zone, a new space being built to house the Lions and the Hunting Dogs, and also the Rob Guest Endowment, supporting further training for young and upcoming musical theatre performers.

While the fantastic performances that will be on display would be enough to bring audiences, by creating a partnership between ANZ, Melbourne Zoo and the Rob Guest Endowment a large network in the community is engaged. By only focussing on one of these organisations the fundraising potential would be limited to Zoo lovers OR musical theatre enthusiasts. However, by presenting the fundraiser in a format that appeals to both Zoo lovers and musical theatre enthusiasts (a high quality show in the surroundings of the Zoo) the fundraising performance will reach out to a much wider segment of society.

Access to the Zoo beforehand, a concert starring many Australian musical theatre greats and the opportunity to help out two worthy causes . . . there is something to attract a wide range of people to this event!

Speaking of the wide range of appeal, tickets will surely be selling fast especially as it is limited to Zoo Members and ANZ card holders. To find out more information and purchase tickets to this short-run of only two nights visit the website.