The Top 3 of 2013

New Year’s Eve and reminiscing seem to go hand in hand. So I thought that I would take this opportunity to look back over the Top 3 ‘most viewed’ marketing posts from the last year!


This year has been jam-packed with some pretty phenomenal campaigns. From Virgin America’s new Safety Video and interesting Superbowl adverts to some new approaches to bring audiences into traditional musical theatre and, of course, NBC’s incredibly successful broadcast of The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood and a host of Broadway stars. But surprisingly none of these made it into the Top 3 for 2013.

Number 3: How Space Mountain Can Affect Your Theatre Purchases

In third place, proving that no-one is too old to enjoy Disneyworld, is a comparison between the infamous Space Mountain and Opera Australia’s South Pacific and The King and I. A post that involved looking at ways to decrease risk for new theatre consumers while taking some pointers from one of Disney’s most terrifying rides!

Number 2: #More Innovation, Less Convention

Possibly one of the most ambiguous advertising campaigns from 2013, which still has people trying to understand what we are getting more and less of, was National Australia Bank’s #MoreLess campaign. Involving comparisons between various movie and television heroes and villains with the superimposed ‘More’ over the heroes and ‘Less’ over the villains, this campaign may have been confusing but it certainly got people talking about NAB and their un-bank-like communications.

And drum roll please . . . .

The most read article for 2013 – apparently featuring the right combination of entertainment marketing and suggestive nudity, and proving that the Flash Mob is far from dead – is . . .

Number 1: Flashing Your Audience!

An article about Opera Australia’s flash mob celebrating the return of South Pacific to Sydney on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Congratulations Opera Australia and South Pacific for taking out the top spot from this year’s posts.

But as far as I am concerned, the best marketing stunt this year came from the American branch of Make-A-Wish when they inspired the support of 12,000 San Francisco volunteers to turn the bay-side city into Gotham for a day. All to make the dreams of 5-year-old Miles come true as he accompanied Batman for a day saving Gotham from an evil take-over attempt. You can check out the event here.

Thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read my articles this year. I never dreamed that this blog would actually take off and be viewed from people all over the world. And I look forward to connecting with you over the next year as we continue examining the exciting innovations in entertainment marketing across the world!